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This blog has been created to encourage discussion and sharing of information related to the promotion of social justice, equity, human rights and information access within the fields of librarianship and archival practice.

The author is an Australian Archivist and Librarian with a keen interest in exploring the social impact of archives and the ways in which archival and library collections shape and are shaped by the communities they serve. Comments and guest contributions are welcome.

  • Thing 12 – Open Educational Resources

    February 27, 2020 by

    Open Education Resources or OER’s are educational resources (for example podcasts, video recordings, lecture slides) that have been licenced to allow them to be shared and reused. A quick internet search reveals resources covering such diverse areas as a Survey of Scottish Witchcraft Visualisations and a Math in Society course available from the Open Course… Read more

  • Thing 11- Copyright

    February 27, 2020 by

    Thing 11 from the University of Edinburgh’s 23 Things course explores the area of Intellectual Property Rights referred to as ‘copyright’ – the rights given to the author of a creative work. Creative works can take many forms, and the automatic rights of authors will differ dependant upon what type of creative work they produce,… Read more

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